Prepper JAKZ!

A long, long time ago (actually it was December 30th, 2006), in a land far, far away (1,739 miles to be exact!), Kim & John were travelling on Interstate 40 through New Mexico heading back to North Carolina when the New Mexico DOT shut down the interstate due to unsafe travel & the inability to maintain safe roads in a massive snow storm. They had just filled up with gas in Albuquerque & were stopped in Moriarty, NM actually on the interstate! Having only snacks from a visit with family & a couple of drinks, a blanket, their cell phones & each other, they managed to survive being stuck on the interstate for over 14 hours before being able to cross the interstate median & turn around to get back to the nearest exit & access an alternate route to keep moving west.

Six years later (June 23rd-July 10th, 2012), while the U.S. Army had John stationed in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Kim & John had become full-time RV’ers & had been for a little more than a year, when the Waldo Canyon Fire took place. John was laying in a reclining chair relaxing when he saw the plume of smoke. Having been a volunteer firefighter for a number of years, he knew something was not right. After learning what was going on, they quickly prepared their RV to be relocated in the event of an evacuation & waited for further notice from local authorities. On top of it all, they were in the middle of being transferred by the Army to Arizona. Not knowing where to go or what they would need to do, they waited out this frightening time until it was ultimately time to relocate to Arizona.

Just a little more than 2 short years later (September 9th, 2014), while living in Goodyear, Arizona, John was preparing for work while Kim was just waking up. They were startled by a loud pounding on the side of their RV. “This is the Goodyear Police. You need to evacuate immediately!” John opened the door to find a river of water outside their RV & throughout the campground they lived in. The overnight rain had flooded the nearby irrigation canal, which in turn flooded the campground & placed approximately 2 ½ feet of water just outside of their door. John quickly told Kim to grab the dog & throw some clothes in a bag while he searched for important documents he thought they might need. He then carried Kim & their dog to his truck, leaving behind Kim’s SUV & their RV home. Before climbing into the truck, an empty LP gas tank floated alongside the truck, along with a couple of large carp fish. They were able to evacuate to the front of the park until the water receded & they were able to return home, safe & sound.

What Kim & John have taken away from these 3 events is, it is hard to prepare for every natural disaster, but it is even harder when you do not know what to do in order to prepare or how to prepare properly. That is why Kim & John have decided to open a store with the full intent to offer weekly training seminars and events that are designed to help everyone become better prepared for as much as possible in the way of natural disasters, power outages, family emergencies, homesteading & life. They believe that when life as we know it takes a turn for the worst, it is better to be as prepared as possible rather than to be left scared & wondering what to do.

Prepper JAKZ was created to help others by offering quality products at affordable pricing options that range from economical to high-end so that everyone can be better prepared & have no excuse for not being prepared. Because, if you’re not prepared, you don’t know JAKZ; Prepper JAKZ!

Thanks for visiting our website & we hope you’ll stop by often! We also hope you’ll stop in to see Kim & John when you’re in the Fayetteville, NC area!