Can't We All Just Get Along?
I have loved country music most all of my life. I would go so far as to say it has molded quite a bit of who I am today. A girlfriend I had out in Texas turned me on to Chris LeDoux, the 1976 National Finals Rodeo Bareback World Champion rodeo rider made famous by Garth Brooks in a song, “Much Too Young (to Feel This Damn Old)”. Chris LeDoux sang a lot about his rodeo days, but one song in particular caught my attention. It’s called “This Cowboy’s Hat”. It is on several of his albums, but what caught my attention was his quote at the beginning of it that most quite often miss or ignore. It is especially important to bring attention to this very powerful quote these days, amid the Black Lives Matter, George Floyd & the destruction of Confederate monument movements. His quote encourages us to be open-minded to other people’s thoughts & to earnestly listen to what they have to say, instead of hearing only the hate & seeing the destruction caused by their hatred or fear & not only because of what is going on, but always. It has been the mantra I try to live by - to be open-minded to someone else’s position, thoughts or beliefs to try & understand where they may be coming from & quite possibly, I might realize, we have a lot in common.

“There’s always been groups of people that never could see eye to eye, but  I always thought if they ever had a chance to sit down and talk face to face they might realize they got a lot in common.” ~ Chris LeDoux

Being prepared is just like that. We all want to feel safe & be prepared for life’s little mishaps. We all have the same thoughts in mind when it comes to taking care of our family & ourselves.  One item we sell here at Prepper JAKZ is a Morakniv 511 Basic knife (, which can be used for multiple purposes to help keep you & your family safe. It can be used for preparing a meal, prepping wood to start a fire or cutting cordage used in setting up a shelter. It can be lashed to a long stick to create a spear for hunting or self-defense against predators. Every prepper knows having a good knife is priceless in a survival situation & even if you have one, having an extra one, especially at this price, is even more valuable.

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