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Hot Ash Stoves

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A portable, versatile, and small camping stove, the Hot Ash Mini is the perfect piece of camping gear for the lightweight hiker.  It's a collapsible backpacking stove, which saves space in your pack. It also allows you to go backpacking and camping without the need for fuel canisters, as it runs on just a handful of twigs! No more propane, alcohol, butane, or other gases to fuel your stove. That means less gear to carry, without sacrificing on functionality. It also comes with a manufacturer's Lifetime Guarantee.

The ultimate camping and backpacking stove, the Hot Ash Mini Rocket Stove weighs in at just under 1 pound! The Hot Ash Mini nests conveniently into a small 7" x 2.3" shape.  The chimney and burn chamber of the Hot Ash Mini are made from .020" titanium. While the front and rear feet are made from aluminum to add additional strength when using heavier kits. *While these feet do get hot, they will not heat up enough to release anything harmful into the air.

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