How to Make Room in Your Bug-out,
Hi, everyone; John here for Prepper JAKZ! If you watched last week’s YouTube video on bags, you know I talked about different kinds of bags & how to determine what your bag would be used for, as well as how to determine the size of a bag you would need for that use. Today, I wanted to talk about some options to give you more space within your bag for other items such as more clothes or more food or even space for carrying maybe small pieces of wood or to keep tinder dry for starting a fire in a wet environment. So, one of these items I was thinking about over the weekend is a fanny pack. When fanny packs first came out, these were primarily used by European folks. They somewhat quickly gained favor here in the U.S. as a way for men to carry the wallets, an extra bottle of water & other items some men needed for every day carry, or EDC. A lot of men thought it to be “odd” looking, especially for the urban males, but once they figured out it was a great way to carry a small firearm without raising suspicion & therefore a new way to conceal carry, fanny packs became very popular items. Giving the same consideration to fanny packs for bug-out or “get home” bags, if you removed some items from your bag to place in your fanny pack, or hip bag, you would then open up some room in your bag for other items. As I mentioned above, if you needed room to keep some wood or tinder dry or more food, you could now have it. “Then what items should I transfer to my fanny pack from my pack?” I would recommend items you would use quite frequently. You might check a compass quite frequently; use a bottle of water, maybe access a pack of gum or a couple of snack bars. You might think to possibly keep your personal hygiene kit in the main compartment, maybe your wallet or some type of carrier that contains your ID & money. You might put a poncho for quick access to cover both you & your bag in the event you get caught in a quick rain shower. Maybe even a small first-aid kit for mosquito bites or cuts & scrapes while on the trail. If you’re my wife, you might keep an extra tube of Chap Stick easily accessible. Lastly, there are items you may carry inside your pack which could be put on the outside of your pack. Like maybe your knife, any solar charging panel, your Atwood Tactical Rope Dispenser (, a sweat rag or camp towel or maybe even your sleeping bag. That would free up a LOT of room inside your pack for other items! Obviously the fanny pack is considerably smaller than your bag, so you’ll want smaller items, but with enough planning & preparation, you should be able to free up some room in your pack for more of something else you may need to make room for. Thanks for taking the time to read this short tip & I hope you got something out of it. Feel free to leave a comment below & remember, if you’re not prepared, you don’t know JAKZ; Prepper JAKZ! Stay safe everyone!

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