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Puritii Water Bottle & Filter
Puritii Water Bottle & Filter

Puritii Water Bottle & Filter

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  • Fresh, pure water on the go, without the cost of bottled water. Puritii™ ensures safe drinking water from any water source in the world.
  • Out of 188 bottled water companies, only two disclose where and how they get their water. More than one in four plastic water bottles come directly from tap water.
  • Puritii™ has eliminated the need for bottled tap water. Puritii features a unique, patented AquaSpear™ technology that suppresses the growth of bacteria, algae, fungus, mold and mildew within the filter media. Puritii’s patent-pending ZeoSleeve™ has been treated with microspears in a patented process that pierce the cell membranes of waterborne organisms on contact.
  • NSF requires chlorine to be removed at >50% removal with a single pass when flowing at 200/mL/min. and a starting concentration of >2ppm chlorine. The Puritii Filter accomplishes this flowing at 500mL/min. and does it for 2X the rated capacity of the filter.
  • The Puritii Plastic Bottle is BPA free. We use only ABS and olefin based plastics, and medical grade silicone for water contact parts. All of these materials are also free of known estrogen-mimicking compounds. The Puritii Stainless Steel Bottle is made of LDPE (low density polyethylene), the cap is PP (polypropylene), the valve is silicone, and the filter is made of ABS (used in piping systems).
  • The Puritii Water Filtration System is a patent-pending technological breakthrough in filtration design. It offers a portable, effective solution for ensuring the purity of the water we drink from potable and non-potable sources.
  • Trusted by U.S. Navy SEAL Team V in Afghanistan

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