Top 10 Items Used on History Channel's
Last Thursday marked the end of History Channel’s 7th survival season of “Alone”. If you are not familiar with the show, there are 10 participants who are allowed to bring 10 specific items with them, along with some basic items the show allows for, such as a wool sweater, 2 types of hats, 2 types of footwear, etc. These participants know ahead of time the regions they are being sent to & their goal is to survive “alone” for a set amount of time. This last season, it was to survive for 100 days for one million dollars. 

We’ve all seen the memes in social media asking if you could live in a log cabin for x amount of time without internet, social media, professional sports, etc. These folks actually go out & do it while they bring you along in their journey from the comfort of your living room or bedroom. I admit, I wasn’t an avid watcher until just after the start of this season, but now I’m hooked! This show not only is about survival, but includes some elements of homesteading as it deals with shelter building, foraging, hunting, fishing, animal processing, primitive cooking, primitive food preservation & a whole host of other means to survive alone for up to 100 days. Because, let’s face it; after 2 weeks, it is no longer survival, it now becomes a new way of life & thriving where you are is what it’s all about. 

This week, I thought I would compile a list of the 10 most selected items from all 7 seasons. These were the 10 items the winner of each season chose, but placed their own personal selection as to which manufacturer they used. 

- A Felling Axe: Nice, smaller axe for chopping down smaller trees & stripping the smaller branches off to form the logs needed to build the shelters 
- A Pack or Bow Saw: Various lengths & styles, but used to conserve energy while processing logs into firewood 
- A Multitool: Most used the Leatherman Wave or Wave+. One contestant had connections with Leatherman & was able to modify her’s slightly - A Knife: While some chose to use the knife in their multitool to make room for an extra item, some chose a custom knife, but most, more often than the others, chose a Morakniv. It just so happens that we happen to be the only Morakniv dealer in Fayetteville, NC! You can get one here on our website, too: 
- Cordage: Most chose 550 Paracord over just regular rope due to the 550 Paracord having 7 strands of cord within its core, which could be used for snares, sewing/mending clothes, lashing logs, clothes line or whatever string could be used for 
- A Fishing Kit: These consisted of fishing line, up to 2 types of weighted line, a few lead weights & no more than 25 hooks 
- A Bow w/ 9 Arrows: I still haven’t determined why only 9 arrows, but some also chose a slingshot in place of a bow w/ arrows 
- A Snare Kit: These often consisted of 2 small spools of aluminum & brass snare wire for snaring small wildlife, such as rabbits, for food 
- A Ferrocerium Rod: Used to start fires. Fire is necessary for several reasons-to boil water for consumption, to cook, provide heat, provide security against wildlife & provide smoke to keep mosquitoes & other bugs away 
- A 4-Quart Saute Pan: Contestants had this option or a 2-Quart coffee-style can. Most chose the 4-Quart Saute Pan as it would hold more water to boil for drinking, as well as could hold a fish filet or larger piece of meat for cooking 
- A -20 or -40 Degree Sleeping Bag: Temperatures in Season 7 got down to as low as -37 (they may have got lower, but I only remember as low as -37) but the point was to have a sleeping bag that was thick, comfortable & rated for close to the temperatures they would be enduring 

There you have it! Now, before anyone says I have 11 items on this list instead of 10, remember I mentioned some contestants opted for a multitool over a knife? Because it was about ½ & ½ of who used a knife & who used a multitool, I thought it important to include both in this list. I think it is also important to note, in earlier seasons, some contestants opted to leave any one of these items off for up to an allowable 2.25 lbs of survival food, in case it took a while to catch food. 

I believe for any emergency preparedness situation or survival pack, if you have all of these items above, as well as some emergency rations & maybe a water purification system, with the right knowledge & skills, anyone could survive just about any situation, but it would certainly be more advantageous if you did not do it “Alone” & especially not if you were “Naked & Afraid”. Have a great week everyone!

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