A few days ago, a young lady posed a question in a group I follow on Facebook. Her husband’s family is from Tennessee (TN) while she was from Arizona (AZ). They had recently become full-time RV’ers and had moved to Arizona. She was quickly realizing the area of AZ she was in was not good for raising animals or growing food. Her question was basically, in the event of a “Stuff Hits The Fan” situation, should they live in TN or AZ? She obviously acquired many different answers, although a lot said to move back to TN. In TN, she had family for support, but it was not clear if there was family in AZ for support. The following was my response to her as my suggestion. While you may not be able to answer, think about what you would do in a similar situation. Would you move from AZ back to TN or would you stay in AZ, but maybe move to a different part of the state? As preppers & possibly homesteaders, these are certainly things to take into consideration. Jasmine (for her safety, I will not use her real name)-I was in the Army & stationed in Phoenix, AZ, as well as Nashville, TN~about 2.5 years in each place & we were full-time RV’ers, too. Now, we own the only prepping store in eastern NC~Prepper JAKZ. So, in AZ, someone mentioned Flagstaff or Williams areas, which are great areas, but Payson is not quite as high in elevation (not quite as cold & snowy in the winter & better for growing) & still has relative seasons & better growing seasons than in the valley. Take some weekend trips to various areas of AZ to see what you may like or prefer & visit a Lowe’s or Home Depot garden center (or local seed/feed store) in these areas to see what food grows best. Elk & deer hunting is phenomenal in the Payson & Strawberry, AZ areas & quail is plentiful just down the road in Tonto Basin. As for returning to TN, you already know what TN offers since you’ve lived there. 4 seasons, great soil for growing, deer for hunting, larger family support group, which is very important, but only if they have your same mindset. If they don’t, then you stand the chance of them sponging off of your hard work & resources in a SHTF event. It really is a personal choice because there are some great benefits & some challenges in both areas. You have to make a choice, stick with it, then put all your effort into making it home. Because the last thing you want/need is to 2nd guess yourselves, your decision & waste all your efforts on somewhere you may just wind up leaving. That was the end of my response to her, but alternatively (& after more thought), what she could do is, calculate how much fuel it would take to bugout to TN from AZ & be sure they have that much fuel on hand (as well as fuel stabilizer for the duration of storage), in the event of a SHTF moment. Also, they could invest in a small trailer to carry all of the stuff they would want to take with them in that moment. Because when you are prepping, you collect large amounts of various items. If you need to bugout & you are headed to where other people may be, you will want to take things that will be “value added” to the group. As you can see, there are a LOT of variables to consider when determining whether to bugout or bug-in. I hope this information & my responses have given you some things to consider. So, until next time, if you’re not prepared, you don’t know JAKZ; Prepper JAKZ! Stay safe everyone!

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