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GI Type P-51 Can Opener
GI Type P-51 Can Opener

GI Type P-51 Can Opener

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Rothco’s GI Type P-51 Can Opener can be conveniently stored anywhere for a ready-to-use can opener while you go camping, hunting, or are faced with a survival situation.

  • P-51 Can Openers Are Lightweight And Low Profile. Each Can Opener Takes Up Little To No Space And Can Be Stored In A Bug Out Bag, Emergency Survival Kit, Tackle Box Or Keychain
  • Easy-To-Carry Tool Comes With A Keychain / Dog Tag Chain Hole
  • Approximately 2” Long, The P-51 Is A Larger Version Of The P-38 Army Can Opener. Originally Used For Large “Tray Rations” By The Military, The Added Length Allows For More Leverage And Requires Less Thumb Pressure When In Use
  • Ideal Tool For Camping, Hunting, Backpacking
  • Stainless Steel Construction

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